What’s in my Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

I’ve had the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis bag for about 8 or 9 months now. This bag has made it to my very exclusive list of keep-forever bags. There are only 5 other bags on that list at the moment. I end up selling the ones that don’t make this list to fund new bags, so trust me when I say it’s a really big deal for a bag to make my keep-forever bag list.

Cabin fever and winter blues remedies - anamika.caI’ll admit I went through 3 stages – if you have this bag, tell me if you went through these stages at all – at first, it was pure lust. It is just such a beautiful, structured bag and it doesn’t matter which style of it you get, it looks regal. Then, came stage 2 where I was using it for the day to day and I found that the clasp kept popping open if my stuff inside the bag wasn’t equally distributed through the bag. I founded this stage rather annoying and questioned my purchase. I’m surprised that I didn’t just get frustrated and sell the bag as I do when I don’t love a bag for everyday use. Stage 3 happened about 4 months later. The bag itself had adjusted to all my things and the clasp stopped popping open and I found that I was craving to use the bag. I’d move out of it into another bag and within a few hours back in it again.  Pure. Everlasting. Love.

Now that I’ve had my Pochette Metis for a while, I thought I would share how I use it, what I carry in it in this YouTube video.  It’s even started to get that honey-gold patina, which is my favorite aging stage of Louis Vuitton bags. Enjoy the video and let me know if you have the bag, plan to get it or had it and don’t anymore for some reason.