New year, new goals and a better me!

Happy New Year guys!!!

I hope that this brand new year brings each and everyone of you nothing but happiness and lots of success with your goals and resolutions!

2018 goalsMan where did that last year go?? I feel like I had a good an okay grasp on the the first 9 months of the year, and then those last 3 months just got away from me big time. I got SO busy – self inflicted, for the most part – that I had to quite reluctantly take a bit of a digital detox, which meant stepping away from the blog. However, December ended up being totally festive and magical and I feel completely soulful, rejuvenated and energized for this brand new year! Are you excited about this year too? I love that new year feeling. New planner, new goals, tons of resolve and that what’s this year going to bring sort of anticipation! Every year, I say this is going to be my year but this year I’m totally determined to make it “my year”.

Last year, even though everything didn’t go nearly as well as I had wanted I felt like the Universe had my back and brought me face to face with some very important lessons. Even though I’m a logic-driven engineer always reaching for logic over emotions, I learned there are somethings logic can’t totally explain, not because they’re not logical but because they are bigger than me, than what my little mind can understand.

Quite mysteriously, I met an energy healer who said something simple yet totally profound, just like when you stop watering a plant it withers and dies, anything you put your energy into will thrive and anything you stop putting your energy into will wither and die. She gave me a lot of wisdom like that during the few times we met over the summer months. That’s the one that really stuck with me and I just realized I need to go see her again! So this new year, I’m going to be selective about what I put my energy into and be really mindful of where my energy is going.

Sitting in a crowded airport one afternoon waiting to board a plane that hadn’t shown up yet, I snooped on a guy who was watching a YouTube video very loudly in a public place (which btw, is not only annoying but a little shocking that people can have that little regard for others?) Now luckily for me, the video was totally snoop-worthy. It was a talk Oprah was giving somewhere about the lessons she had learned in her life. Of the 10 things she said, the one that really stuck with me was turn your wounds into wisdom. In those days I was trying to come to grasp with being rejected for a dream job I had been trying to get that had taken months of my energy. So now, instead of sulking the way I had been since the rejection, I could take back control of the situation and learn from what had happened, plot my next steps and move forward.

So this new year, I’m going to accept that life doesn’t always go the way you want, but how I react to things, how I find wisdom from what happens, redirect and refocus is entirely up to me. That realization is quite empowering.

With those powerful thoughts in mind, the following are going to be my goals for this new year –

  • Really shape my career this year (no more waiting around for things to happen for me at work just because I work really hard)
  • Really focus on my health – get back to my ideal weight and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Really focus on having fun and only do what makes me happy.

I find that I’m overly driven by guilt, overthink everything and get all strung out, only to realize later that wasn’t worth it. Things will go the way they will go. This life is precious and the clock is ticking. So why not just have fun and be happy! To that end, my word of the year is “intrepid” – which means resolutely fearless. Happy, successful people all have one thing in common – they are not driven by guilt, fear or others’ expectations. They are intrepid.

If you’re willing to share, I would love to know what your goals are for the new year! How are you planning to make 2018 your best year yet?