Manifesting my current wardrobe situation

I’m increasingly becoming a believer of the law of attraction – that thoughts become things – and that your actions manifest your reality.

Back when I lived on my own, my condo apartment had enormous closets. I even had a spare, completely unused room, that I wish in hindsight I would’ve converted into a wardrobe. But the closets in my master bedroom were huge. But back then I was going through a major period of transformation. I had just left my parents’ home and all 24 year old girls leaving behind a dysfunctional home, I was determined to be different. My parents are both terrible pack rats. My mom collects everything. My dad throws out nothing. Like imagine a home filled with old printers, computers and collections of measuring cups, little porcelain chefs, mortar & pestles. So when I left home, I was determined to be a minimalist. But I took it to a whole new extreme, and decided to leave most of the drawers, cupboards and closets empty. By design. So I only had a few pieces of clothing, didn’t appreciate the closet space and instead felt quite proud of having a totally empty apartment.

Fast forward to when P and I decided buy our together home. After seeing a bazillion homes, we landed on the one we live in within 30 seconds of walking into the house. Crown moldings, an enormous kitchen, beautiful hardwood floors, an enormous backyard, big windows, blah blah. Sold. Only when we moved into the house did it occur to me that there’s literally no closet space in the bedrooms! The “closet” in the master bedroom is a tiny hole with no doors – anyone who’s actually seen it would know it’s awful. I think I manifested the situation when I shunned the closet space in my apartment and ended up with an otherwise beautiful, albeit old, little home that had no closet space.

Now that I’m not an extreme minimalist anymore (I’ve found some balance), I actually want that sort of space again – I want a nice space for my clothes, for my bags, accessories, jewelry, shoes and sunglasses. I want enough clothes that I don’t have to wear the same things on alternate days. I would love one of those extravagant closets I see on YouTube videos. However, let’s just say that is not quite an option right now. Maybe one day, just not right away.

For now however, I ordered this garment stand from Amazon and set up a small but luxurious little “closet” corner for myself. Step 1 towards manifesting a large wardrobe and luxurious closet. I really love this little thing, so I thought I’d share some photos of my new pride & joy. It ain’t much but it is a step in the right direction… towards a proper wardrobe one day 🙂

Garment rack for a makeshift wardrobe - anamika.caGarment rack for a makeshift wardrobe - anamika.caGarment rack for a makeshift wardrobe - anamika.caGarment rack for a makeshift wardrobe - anamika.caGarment rack for a makeshift wardrobe - anamika.caGarment rack for a makeshift wardrobe - anamika.caLet me know if know if you feel like you’ve ever manifested something unwittingly and realized it much later. But my advice to you today is that just be aware of your thoughts and actions because even if you don’t believe in that stuff, you’re attracting everything to yourself by the way you think and live today. The good news is that you can always change your thoughts and how you live, starting today.