It’s about time

I’m always talking about how I seem to have no control over my time, especially at work, but generally all around too.

If you’ve ever looked at my planners, you’ll know how efficiently I try to plan. I’ve got time blocks for travel between appointments, I allocate time blocks for my tasks and I plan nightly. So why don’t I have better control? At work, no matter how much I try to be time-wise and plan efficiently, my day never goes as planned and invariably I’m thrown off by rescheduled meetings, emergencies and tasks that take way longer than I mean for them to because of interruptions, phone calls and emails that have to be responded to immediately. By the time I manage to leave work for the day, I’m already a couple of hours behind schedule for the rest of my life, and also exhausted. How does anyone ever manage craziness like that, and I don’t even have to come home to screaming kids and soccer practice! Aaargh. Lately it’s been really bugging me.

Then as if it were a sign from the Universe, the very day I canceled my evening appointments one night out of sheer exhaustion and just as I settled in to relax over Baywatch starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, my friend (completely unaware that’s what I was watching) texted me a recent quote by Dwayne Johnson that read “...Reached a point in my career where my most important currency is my time…. be protective of your time. It’s the one thing we can control where it goes and who gets it.” Can’t blame me for thinking this was literally the Universe speaking to me through The Rock.

Daniel Wellington - of time, this Daniel Wellington watch is my favorite everyday watch and this ring and this necklace are my go to pieces of jewelry every day)

Time really is the most important currency we’ll ever have. No one has unlimited amounts of it, and you never know when you’ll run out forever. So how much of time do we waste away in mindless activities… How much of it do we just give away without even thinking about it. And in my case, I have this huge vision for myself, and yet I end up spending very little time on that vision.

I’ve had a huge revelation for myself over the past week. I’ve been working on a really cool project at work for the last few weeks – it’s a project where everyday I can’t believe I get to work on, and I’m giving it everything I’ve got. It’s just amazing work and I’ve never done anything like it before, yet this is the sort of project I’ve worked so hard in career thus far for. But it is so much work that I’m enjoying it at the expense of everything else. I haven’t seen my friends forever, I’m eating on the go… whatever junk I can find, and I barely manage to stay up long enough when I get home, to kiss P and Luna and brush my teeth before I plonk into my bed with my makeup on (gasp!!). Meanwhile, I somehow find the time during the day to entertain BS requests from random people wanting to “pick my brain” or “connect over coffee” all under the premise of “networking” which is such a big deal these days but I absolutely hate it.  When I heard The Rock’s saying, I felt gross. Like, how is it that I manage to bend over backwards for a bunch of strangers I don’t care about at all for some shallow, mindless conversations that add zero value to my life. Yet, I postpone lunch with my friends because I’m too busy and haven’t seen friends I don’t work with for months. Let alone the fact that I barely see P and Luna.

The point I’m trying to make is that time is so precious, that it should always be about time – where do you want to spend your time, and who deserves your time. That’s what it should be all about. Pick the people you want to give your time to and don’t feel guilty about not giving any time to people and things that add no value to your life. Treat your time as more valuable than money. Only then do you have any sense of control of your life because as The Rock says, it is the one thing you do have control over.