Chanel Flap Bag with Top Handle Review

The Chanel Flap Bag with Top Handle is from the Spring-Summer 2018 Pre-Collection line and I’m so excited that for once, I wasn’t late to the game with Chanel’s seasonal collection! I usually hmm n’ huh about the bags at the boutique and ask for time to think only to find out that once I’m ready to buy the bag, it’s sold. Usually for the better though because did I go away to think because I was trying to talk myself out of buying the bag or convincing myself to buy the bag… curious, no? Anyway, the minute I laid my eyes on the Chanel Flap Bag with Top Handle at my local Chanel boutique (it was in December 2017 and I was picking up two presents in the area) I simply had to have it no matter the cost and no matter that once again I was about to use up my growing Chanel Boy bag budget. Maybe I don’t want the Chanel Boy so much then… something to think about.

Chanel Flap Bag with Top Handle - ReviewI love that the Chanel Flap Bag with Top Handle looks vintage with the large interlocking C’s. And this one in the Chevron style just accentuates the vintage look that no other style will do. I love the structure. I love that the bottom has the metal feet so I can put it down without a panic attack about scratching the leather. And, I love how roomy it is. The size of my bag is about 10″ length x 7.5″ height x 4.25″ depth (all approximate, measured at my desk with a ruler!). So it’s a small enough bag to be used for any occasion and large enough to fit all essentials. It’s sort of that glossy calf skin so it’s supposed to durable. No issues yet, but it’s still fairly new.

Chanel Flap Bag with Top Handle - Review Chanel Flap Bag with Top Handle - Review Chanel Flap Bag with Top Handle - Review As for the strap, it’s best carried as a shoulder bag or by hand. Being that I’m 5’3″, I do wear it crossbody but I think if you’re any taller than 5’5″ you couldn’t wear it that way. The strap is not adjustable, but it is removable. I do worry about the removable bit – I’m paranoid that it will get loose and starting coming off after a lot of wear. But we will see.

Let me know if you have anymore questions about the bag. Depending on how things go, I’ll do a wear and tear review after I’ve been using it for a long time.