What I carry in my very large and very lovely Chanel Timeless Classic

Since I did my gushing post on why my Chanel Timeless Classic in the maxi size is so much more than just a handbag and perhaps my most treasured piece in my handbag repertoire – almost 3 years ago – I have may be worn this bag about 6 times. I treat it more like treasure and less like a handbag, which goes against every single one of my purchase principles which are – a) if it’s not art and you can’t use it, don’t buy it; and b) if you’re going to buy something, buy the best quality reasonable on a $/use basis. Though I could easily argue, the Chanel Maxi might just qualify as art, it is after all a well constructed high quality handbag that I should not be just be pulling out of the closet to give it hugs once a week; I should be using it well.

Chanel Timeless Classic Maxi Bag - anamika.caSo after some self-motivating talks in the mirror (which BTW can creep someone out when they don’t know you that well – I speak from experience) I pulled out my gorgeous Chanel Timeless Classic and started to use it! At first, I put all my things in it and put in on my desk, ready to go, but when I did leave the house, I’d pull out a couple of cards and my keys  – put them in my jacket pocket and go out sans Chanel Timeless Classic. So it could be sitting safely on my desk at home. So weird right? – but come on ‘fess up – you’ve done that with at least one of your bags before. Then finally I felt brave enough to start wearing it every day and even to the grocery store! I don’t know what I was worried about – the bag is tough and I LOVE carrying it around everywhere. The maxi size though is huge. That said, it fits everything I need.

I thought I would share how I’m using it and what I carry in it – if you’re like me and not using your bag or if it’s been on your wishlist and you need a nudge to go buy it. Check out my detailed YouTube video to see what I typically have in the bag these days.

Chanel Timeless Classic Maxi Bag - anamika.ca

Let me know in the comments below if you have a particular handbag you’re as weird about as I have been about my Chanel Timeless Classic maxi bag and what it takes you to get out of that mindset!


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    Gorgeous bag! I am weird about my LV epi Alma as its my newest bag and it was my “aspirational” bag. I had been wanting it since my early 20s and now 10 years later I have it. Its so beautiful im afraid to wreck it. Also, for my current lifestyle I need larger and a crossbody strap so I may use it more once i get the crossbody strap. I’m also weird about using it in winter with all the snow and slush…I’ve scraped my bags on the side of my salt covered car so want to avoid that with the Alma.

    • I’m so glad that I’m not the only one so weird about my bag! The Epi Alma is so gorgeous, I’ve been eyeing the black and silver for ages! 🙂