The best drugstore brand moisturizers for dry skin

Moisturizing the skin after a shower has become a routine thing for me over the years. I can’t bear dry, itchy skin and especially in Calgary, as soon as the leaves fall off the trees, skin turns all dry and pruney. This year though has been extra harsh. I know I’m not the only one… lady at the grocery store told me she’s been having nose bleeds from the dry weather. For years and years, I’ve been a loyal customer of the St. Ives brand – their body lotion is silky smooth and nourishing and best of all, St. Ives don’t test their products on animals.

These days, St. Ives body lotion has not really been working too well for me, especially in this extra dry weather. So I’ve been exploring other drug store brands that are designed especially for dry skin. That said, I still maintain a bottle of St. Ives body lotion on my kitchen counter, because it’s still great for my hands. But for that post-shower moisturizing, I need more.

I decided to try coconut oil or olive oil. Excellent moisturizers, terrible for clothing. I moved off of those quickly. Too bad though because they are the most natural moisturizers you could ever find.

I gave brands like Nivea, Dove and Aveeno a try. All the adverts on TV make them sound amazing but they don’t even begin to compete with St. Ives. Each one of those I was trying was either too greasy or got soaked up too fast or the moisturizing effect didn’t last very long.

Finally, I landed on 2 moisturizers that worked amazingly well and I seem to have become permanently attached to one in particular – the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. The other is the Eucerin Fragrance-Free Complete Repair Moisturizer. Both of these are incredible moisturizers, though only slightly more expensive than the ordinary drugstore brands. Between the 3 of these (including the St. Ives one) I’m covered (quite literally) as far as the best moisturizers go.

The best drugstore moisturizers - anamika.caWith the Eucerin moisturizer, I found that it’s hard to spread if you have that post-moisture damp skin, but easy to spread otherwise. That said, the moisturizer itself is amazing. Very moisturizing and lasting. No greasy effect or anything.

The best drugstore moisturizers - anamika.caBecause I need a good, solid moisturizer that I can put on just after I shower, I needed something that I could spread on easily on damp skin.

The best drugstore moisturizers - anamika.caA friend of mine recommended CeraVe – she seemed to know exactly what I was talking about… the damp towel-dried skin. The very first time I tried the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, I was in love. I have never immediately loved a product this much before. The minute you put this stuff on, it is deeply moisturizing, non-greasy, leaves no residue, and you feel the moisturized effect all day until your next shower. It’s non-irritating and great for sensitive skin. Apparently it has ceramides that repair the skin’s moisture barrier and comes recommended by dermatologists. I wouldn’t know anything about that; all I can tell you without a doubt is that my skin has not felt healthier!

The only tiny drawback to replacing my St. Ives in the shower with CeraVe is that the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is fragrance-free. I was kind of used to always smelling nice with the fragrance of the St. Ives lotion, even if I was all sweaty. Now with the CeraVe I’m a bit more conscious and carry around a little sample bottle of my favorite perfume just in case I get sweaty.

If you have dry and/or sensitive or irritated / itchy skin, give the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream a try. I promise you it will work wonders!

For day to day hand-lotion, quick scented moisturizing the St. Ives lotion still remains my top favorite, though!

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